Poterie de la Madeleine: Planter Boxes

Poterie de la Madeleine is situated just outside Anduze, in the Cévennes mountains of the South of France.  Since the 7th century, Anduze has been considered the pottery capital of the Cevennes. The Anduze vase, known worldwide, was created in 1610 by a local potter named Cévenol who found his inspiration in the Italian Medici vases. It combines authenticity and elegance, resulting in a subtle mix of Italian expansiveness and a kind of rustic austerity from the Cevennes. Anduze vases have a characteristic compact body embellished by garlands, macaroons and other refined decorations. These majestic vases, destined to serve as planters for orange and lemon trees, still adorn the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

The oversized Anduze vases were turned with strength and power by the hands of men who loved their work, with designs by artists such as Louis Bourget, Castanet and Clauzel. The family coats of arms are still recognizable today and the oldest among them, the famous Jean Gautier probably dates from 1782. He was the one who first introduced this ornamental garden pot which was to have such an enduring destiny.

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